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Intellectual property.
Focused investing.

We provide innovators with flexible capital solutions to drive long term value through intellectual property. 


Our Mission

To be the preeminent capital provider to those who own and manage the intellectual property that forms the foundation for future economic growth.

A value-add partner

Soryn provides financing solutions to companies, universities and law firms that own or manage valuable intellectual property ("IP").​

With more than four decades of experience in IP, we are more than just capital. 

Image by boris misevic

A clear focus

Our private credit, legal finance and specialty IP finance strategies allow us to address the unmet needs of our counterparties in a holistic fashion.

We target situations involving creditworthy parties owning overlooked or inefficiently financed IP value, and offer highly structured solutions that facilitate value creation in a risk-mitigated manner.

An expert team

By bringing together expertise in finance, IP law and operations, we are a strategic partner with a unique understanding of the operational, financial and legal challenges facing our IP-rich partners.

We know because we have been there ourselves.

Image by Susan Q Yin

We invest across
technology segments,

in the most
credible IP owners.

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